By: Laine Hammer & Cyrus Sepahbodi

Imagine being able to control how your skin ages. Well there’s good news: you can! It starts with taking care of your skin, which is more important than you think. Whether you’re in a hot, cold, or humid climate, your skin takes a beating, and it shows. Last month, many of our friends, family, and fellow P&B employees took our 14-day skincare challenge! We tasked them with using our Releaf Repair Cream morning and night for two whole weeks, and the results do not disappoint! Learn all about cannabis skincare and how it can improve your skin health and longevity!

Why is taking care of your skin important?

As we age, our skin ages with us. From wrinkles to age spots to skin irritations, our skin ebbs and flows depending on where we live, our lifestyle, and what products we’re using (or not using!). Our skin is what protects us from the outside elements so it’s important to make sure we’re giving it a lot of love with sunscreen and clean, natural skincare products like the Releaf Repair Cream. We designed this cannabis face & neck cream for all skin types. Made with fresh-pressed rosin, soothing essential oils, and nourishing moisturizing agents, it can help your skin heal from minor irritations, problem skin, and redness, so you can keep your skin happy and healthy for years to come.

Natural Skincare Challenge