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Wellcorner Oncology Healthcare Professionals

WellCORNER Selects Papa & Barkley as its Exclusive CBD Brand Partner for its National Network of Oncology Healthcare Professionals

EUREKA, Calif., March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Papa & Barkley, the leading cannabis wellness products company in California, today announced its partnership with wellCORNER, a first-of-its kind company that bridges oncology patient education and CBD product availability at point of care. Papa & Barkley's nationally-available CBD Releaf product line is offered through wellCORNER's ecommerce platform.

Cornerstone Specialty Network, LLC, launched wellCORNER to provide private oncology practices and their patients with access to research-based information, and high-quality CBD products. Recognizing the importance of recommending high-quality products to physicians and patients, the wellCORNER team went through a thorough process to select Papa & Barkley as its exclusive CBD brand. wellCORNER's Chief Executive Officer Joel Schaedler says, "Papa & Barkley was recommended to us by a member of the wellCORNER Professional Advisory Board whose patients experienced improved wellness with the brand's products. We selected Papa & Barkley because of its commitment to education, exceptional quality control, and best-in-class products."