If you know us at all, you know the Papa & Barkley story is focused on healing. Whether it’s through the classic Releaf Balm that gave founder Adam Grossman’s dad his quality of life back or the cannabis transdermal patches that help thousands of us tackle chronic discomfort or poor sleep, we’re passionate about leveraging the power of cannabinoids like THC and CBD for gentle, lasting relief and wellness.

But let’s get serious: Sometimes it’s fun to kick back and relax!

After years spent perfecting exceptional cannabis products and delighting our thousands of happy customers, Papa & Barkley has opened a new chapter with our line of thoughtfully crafted P&B Kitchen hash gummies. If you’re looking for a delectable and discreet way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids like THC and CBD, today’s post explains exactly what’s in our infused gummies, and why an infused gummy might be just the thing to help you spark a little joy!

Hash Infused Gummies

Hash Edibles: An Introduction

As you already know, we made our name with pure and honest natural cannabis topicals like our 1:3 THC Releaf Body Oil. Of course, cannabis is just as powerful inside the body as out. But that’s not to say all cannabis products are created equal. When we set out to create our delicious line of edibles, we turned to one of the most ancient and storied of cannabis products—hash—to add that crucial special “something.”

What is hash? Hash—sometimes known as “hashish”—is a dense paste-like concentrate made from pressed trichomes. We’ve written about trichomes before: They’re the tiny crystal-like hairs found on fresh cannabis flower, and they’re the “factories” where cannabinoids and fragrant terpenes are created.

Why hash? For one thing, it’s an elegantly simple and natural product, requiring little more than fresh, carefully tended cannabis and pure water to make. That puts it right in line with the principles laid out in Our Process and Certificates of Analysis, the documents we freely share because we’re beholden to some very important people: You! And the tens of thousands of people who rely on our products every single day.