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farming & Sourcing

From Soil To Shelf

Where sungrown cannabis and premium ingredients make potent Releaf.

Effective wellness solutions start with sourcing premium sungrown cannabis and certified-clean ingredients.

Our cannabis farmers focus on regenerative and organic farming principles, without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Their love and care for this plant, allows us to provide you with powerful cannabis products.

Where We Farm

Our farm partners call Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino counties home. Here, master farmers cultivate premium sungrown cannabis.

Meet Our Farmers

Meet the farmers whose passion for clean cannabis meets our mission to improve peoples lives.

Sunrise Mountain Farms

The unique microclimate and regenerative cultivation methods contribute to terpene-rich, sungrown flowers.

Emerald Queen Farms

Farmed under the sun and tended with organic inputs, cannabis flowers bloom on this heritage farmstead.

Our Ingredient Certifications

Clean, thoughtfully sourced ingredients for more effective products.

Certifies product ingredients are tested and free of any GMO markers.

Certifies products are free of any animal testing at all stages of development.

Certifies product ingredients provide sustainable livelihoods and environmental protections.