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The Papa & Barkley Difference

Whole Plant Full SpectrumTM

Whether CBD or THC, Papa & Barkley products are always created using our whole-plant, solventless infusion process. This proprietary process means we soak sun-grown cannabis flowers in our base oil. ​​This lets us avoid harsh extraction processes and chemicals so that we're able to maintain the integrity of the plant. The result is the most potent, cleanest plant-based medicine possible. We call it Whole Plant Full SpectrumTM - you can call it your best cannabis experience yet.

Ours is a clean process.


Pressure & Heat
Whole Plant Full Spectrum Oil

Our infusion method is a simple, chemical-free process that maintains compounds from the whole plant, for the most potent, effective full-spectrum medicine.

Theirs is chemically processed.



filtered by solvents

isolated compounds

Others use harsh chemicals, like CO2, to extract plant matter and then isolate plant compounds using solvents, like ethanol, for a less-pure, less-potent result.

Think of whole-plant infusion like choosing fresh-squeezed orange juice instead of an orange-flavored drink. It’s cleaner, better for you, and more effective.

Nature Knows Best

Why change a good thing that nature created?

We believe that processing the plant correctly is key to the purity of the final product. While some companies rely on chemical or harsh extraction methods, our proprietary process is proudly solventless.

Our base oils are made by slow-cooking the plant at low temperatures, using only heat, water, and pressure to infuse the oil. This also allows us to maintain the beautiful earthy color in our products, which comes from plant fats, chlorophyll, and other natural nutrients.

Triple Tested to Perfection

Our products are consistently triple-tested at key points for 66 pesticides, 5 microbials, and 10 residual solvents - AKA, stuff you don’t want in your cannabis. We test the cannabis straight from the farm, we test after it’s blended, and finally, we test the packaged product. Every product we make is certified by state and national standards with a third-party tested Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Cleaner Works Better

We are committed to producing safe, reliable, and effective products using the plant the way nature intended. When you choose Papa & Barkley, you choose a cleaner product. And cleaner products do their job better for you. Clean farming, clean sourcing, clean plants, and clean products for you and the ones you love - we’d go so far as to say Papa & Barkley is the standard of clean in cannabis.

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