“Hemp is, by far, Earth’s premier, renewable natural resource. This is why hemp is so very important.” – Jack Herer By: Laine Hammer & Cyrus Sepahbodi At Papa & Barkley, our goal is to introduce our customers to the joys of plants as medicine. We use CBD derived from hemp (aka Cannabis sativa with less than .3% THC) for our national line of products to help you feel better every day, and we bet that you have more hemp in your home than you realize. There might be hemp seeds in your cereal, your protein powder, snack cupboard, or that farmer’s market canvas tote you love so much. Bet you didn’t know that your brake pads may contain hemp too. Historically, hemp has been one of the greatest commodities known to humans — and in honor of 420, we are celebrating the history of hemp and one of the greatest life-long advocates of the plant, Jack Herer.