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Lemon OG Gummies
Strain specific, live ice water hash vegan gummies

Psychoactivity Level
Moderate to Heavy
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Lemon OG is made with Papa's Select Lemon OG premium ice water hash, grown by Bloom Valley. These gummies give you the relaxed euphoric feeling of OG with a lemony fruity undertone in the flavor. This strain is great for winding down and relieving stress. We let the strains natural flavor profile speak for itself in this gummy so no additional flavors are added.

Papa’s Select Live Ice Water Hash Gummies capture the plant’s true essence. In collaboration with our expert farm partners, we carefully select the perfect strains, ripe in potent trichomes and rich in flavorful terpenes. We freeze the flowers immediately after harvesting to preserve each strain’s cannabinoids and unique flavor. Then we use artisanal, completely chemical-free methods to collect our premium ice water hash in small batches and blend it with all-natural, high-quality ingredients at a low temperature. The results are delicious gummies that deliver an epic, true-to-the-living-flower experience.

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