Better Sex as You Age: How Older Couples Can Use CBD in Bed

by Simona Gallant

As we age, sexual activity can become increasingly less-frequent for couples — and sometimes, it can even feel less pleasurable as our bodies change. Adjusting to your body’s ever-evolving needs and desires is always an ongoing process, so when it comes to sex, it’s important to be especially in tune with what works best for you and your partner. So, though libido may change as a person gets older, that doesn’t mean that you have to have less fun in bed. Who said sex doesn’t get better as you age? Every day, new products and technologies are becoming available to help with stimulation and pleasure, including CBD oil. Now that it’s legal, CBD’s popularity has started to boom, particularly as a direct-to-consumer product across America. From its availability in oil tinctures, topical creams and even soaks, CBD has become just as versatile as it is practical. And although CBD is most commonly associated with pain relief and stress reduction, the benefits don’t stop there. Recently, a few of those discoveries were made about your time in the bedroom — suggesting that CBD could enrich the sex lives of everybody, regardless of age. This article offers insightful tips on how to use CBD to have better sex (regardless of gender) if you’re having trouble in bed or feeling a lack of inspiration. Don’t let creaky knees and early bedtimes stop you any longer!